May 24, 2022

Improving efficiencies and streamlining warehouse procedures plays an integral role in improving the bottom line of any business. Since EcoCortec’s production capacities are constantly growing, our team needed extra storage space and overall better utilization of warehouse capacity. EcoCortec’s team decided to utilize available space better and organize smarter palletizing system in order to improve warehouse functionality. This made our everyday tasks easier and quicker to perform. With new system pallet racking we installed over 300 new pallets and achieved more space for storing EcoCortec’s products. Products are sorted by groups, making the whole further selection process easier. EcoCortec’s new storage system will allow our team to make better use of space and moving pallets around a much easier task.

Circular economy in manufacturing
Our mission in EcoCortec® is to achieve maximum sustainability in all possible aspects of manufacturing processes as well as waste management since they are inevitably connected. Recently, our team looked more closely into process of foam confection and saw that a large amount of extra material goes to unnecessary waste. We analyzed how this waste material could be used in confection of a new foam. The team reorganized the process and now instead of discarding this material to waste, it is rather being used again in a circular manufacturing cycle. This is an excellent example of circular economy in manufacturing where resources are reused, recycled or redesigned in a way that gives them value at the end of their life. EcoCortec’s team is dedicated to using this model in our plant wherever possible. Sustainable waste management aims to keep materials in use for as long as possible and minimize the amount of solid waste that is disposed of in landfills. As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, this is one of our main principles for all of our manufacturing processes.

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