Years ago, Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) discovered how to minimize plastic waste by adding up to 20% of pre- or post-consumer plastic waste back into virgin film while still ensuring the quality of its VpCI®-126 Blue corrosion protection. Today, CAF invites customers to join them in this environmental stewardship by becoming a Cortec® VpCI® plastics recycling partner!

Large manufacturing corporations with multiple sites and/or suppliers are ideal recycling program candidates. Every year, these companies can easily end up with hundreds or thousands of pounds (kg) of discarded VpCI®-126 Blue Films and Bags used to ship components or subassemblies cross-country or overseas. Instead of throwing this waste into the garbage, customers in the CAF recycling program can bale and send their used VpCI®-126 Blue Film back to CAF for reprocessing. Cortec® offers to pay for shipping and give customer credit in exchange for the used plastic film and bags. In order to qualify, customers must meet two key stipulations at minimum:

• They must use Cortec® brand VpCI®-126 Blue Films and Bags
• The film/bags must be sent back clean and dry (i.e., no greasy and oily rust preventatives)

The CAF recycling partnership gives end users an exciting opportunity to launch a new green initiative that benefits their company as well as the environment. Businesses improve their environmental image while turning a waste stream into a revenue stream. Plastic gets saved from the garbage
and converted into brand-new VCI film to continue the plastic’s useful life cycle. This allows Cortec
®, in turn, to make the “circular economy” a reality,
by providing viable end-of-life product disposal options that transform trash into something valuable. Cortec
® offers a similar plastics recycling
program for European customers at its Croatian EcoCortec
® plant.

If you are one of those companies that has to deal with the question of, “What do I do with used VpCI®-126 Blue Film?” contact us today about the
possibility of becoming a Cortec
® recycling partner! Learn more:

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